The Best Romance Writing Contest of 2022 |Finding New Writers in Romantic Fiction

2 min readDec 14, 2022

Are you a person who loves reading romance stories? Are you a debut romance writer looking for a platform to submit your books?

If this is you, why not enter your best happily ever story here?

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Have you ever dreamed about a lovely match and a perfect marriage?
But the truth is that not all dreams can come true.
What will you do when you have no say about your marriage or even your life?
Indifference, quarrels, and even swears.
The one who should be closest to you turns out to be the reason of your suffering life, the life you wish not to tolerate for even one more minute.
However, love is always unpredictable. It befalls you even before you are aware.
How can you stay untouched after spending days and nights with the same person, seeing all his good and bad sides?
In this marriage, you are restricted by a ring at first, but trapped by love in the end.
Come and join the contest to show us how you will arrange their marriage and love.


Top 1 $3000 🏅

Top 2–4 $1800 🥈

Top 5–9 $800 🥉

✨Additional Reward: $1200 — For Author Who Has Never Signed With Goodnovel


The judgement for each entry is decided by a system that takes all factors into consideration, including the book’s view count, ratings, comments, Gems received, as well as the correct use of grammar, fluency of writing, and the design of the story, etc.

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