GoodNovel Writing Recap 2022 Explained: Here’s how to see your year on GoodNovel

3 min readFeb 2, 2023

2022 has been the year we spent days and nights together and now we get your own personalised recap for you as your new year surprise! Thanks for the effort in 2022, you helped make 2022 sweeter.

So here is an explanation on how you can see your GoodNovel recap and what’s inside your GoodNovel recap!

How do I get my GoodNovel writing recap for 2022?

There are two ways to check the recap, using app or mobile site

>> Open up GoodNovel app, go to the discover page and find the recap gif on the bottom right corner.

>> Open mobile site ( , go to your profile page and find the recap banner.

What’s inside GoodNovel Writing Recap 2022?

  1. Exact days you have joined Goodnovel and how many days you have spent on Goodnovel in 2022.
GoodNovel Recap 2022 Page One

2. Countries and regions your stories have reached to.

GoodNovel Recap 2022 Page Two

3. Accumulated word count you have written in 2022.

GoodNovel Recap 2022 Page Three

4. Your total followers on GoodNovel and who is your biggest follower last year.

GoodNovel Recap 2022 Page Four

Wonder which book is your most popular book on GoodNovel? Eager to know which book is your longest book on GoodNovel? Excited to see the accumulated income from 2022?

There are more interesting and exciting results on Goodnovel Writing Recap 2022! 😏🥳

Share your writing recap using the hashtag #goodnovelrecap on social media platforms and join more of our recap activities!

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