[Romance Book Review] Punished by His Love By Suzie

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Most young lady born in 1980~1990s had imagined that they were Cinderella. But when we grew up, we could find something wrong with the fairy tale. What if Cinderella was an unyielding girl? What would happen if she took actions when her step-mother and sisters started showing their greedy teeth? We’ve been tired of seeing girls like Cinderella baring all of those disgusts in current years, and we’re looking forward to a brave even aggressive heroine to show her feast to devils and save her life on her own. If you share the same feeling like this, then Punished by His Love might be your taste!

What is Punished by His Love about?

Sabrina Scott was a destitute woman whose life was dependent on others. She became an orphan since 12. It was her blood mother that sent her to the Lynn family because this woman was terribly ill at that time. Sabrina was not the unique step-daughter in the Lynns, she had a younger sister who came two years later than her. Those two girls had similar background but shared extremely opposite lives in one house. Sabrina was not treasured by her step-parents, and she spent a slavery teenage life in the house like Cinderella. On the contrary, her younger sister Selene was raised as a real princess and took up the couples’ entire indulgence and mercy. Why the Lynn couple treated two step-daughters too differently that much? Where did the partiality root in? This is the first mystery in the Punished by His Love.

The second mystery is the prince (not literally). Sebastian Ford was an illegitimate child of the Fords, the most powerful force in the city. His mother was a mistress of his father. For this very reason, Sebastian survived unbelievably hard in a huge and risky family. Stayed with monsters day and night, Sebastian learned to live as a bloodiest one among them and seize a chance to take the leadership of the whole family. He didn’t wait for so long. At the dawn of the success, Sebastian was deadly injured and he needed a woman stay a night beside him for survival. So his assistant asked the followers to find one in emergency. The Lynn family was one of the followers and they had two daughters which was just meeting the requirement. They sent a girl to Sebastian’s bed, and Sebastian survived eventually. After the critical moment, Sebastian restarted and defeated all opponents and rats so as to hand over the ownership of the Ford family. He turned a true prince, then the problem next was the girl, who was she? Who sent her to him? Seemed the prince would start to openly search for the girl who could wear the crystal shoes. Sebastian didn’t so this because he knew who the girl was, precisely, he thought he knew.

You might have guessed the girl, more over, someone might be aware that there must be a big misunderstanding pointing to the girl. Absolutely, the girl was either Sabrina Scott or Selene Lynn. Combining with the rule of fair tale, it must be poor and tormented Sabrina who “wore the crystal shoes”. But the truth is … How did Sebastian figure it out? You’ll see in the beginning of Punished by His Love.

The third mystery is about two pregnant women. Sebastian knew that the girl beside him that night had his baby after that. For the pleasure of being a father and the duty of raising a good family, Sebastian promised to marry the girl and raise their child as his successor. This was a great temptation for every woman, either for the followers. When pregnant Sabrina and pregnant Selene both stood in front of him, Sebastian chose to believe Selene and thought evil of Sabrina. Why was he so blind? Were there anything happened neither Sabrina nor us knew about behind the scene? It will be a massive work to make all things clear, but it will also be a charming experience to sink into the story and find out the truth!

Main Characters in Punished by His Love

Hero: Sebastian Ford

Sebastian’s coldness in her personality stem from his suffering mother. He was the son of a mistress, so every sibling disgraced and bullied him. He had no rights and no assets in the family. He had to take huge efforts to earn dignity for his mother if he wanted. For the reason, he threw his kindness away at a very young age and learned the game of thrones. Love and romance were the last and the least stuff in his agenda. But on the other hand, Sebastian kept the principle of moral, so he was a purist on giving back for the people had ever gave his a hand, no matter how marginal they were. This was why he must find out the girl had ever saved his life. One more thing, Sebastian loved and cared his mother so much that he would be on the alert when anyone suspicious got close to his mother. Even though he knew that his mother was fond of Sabrina, the only friend she met in jail, he still kept an eye on the girl in order to find out her real temptation. Brutality to the opponents saved him at every life-and-death moment. Alertness like an eagle prevented him from trapped into anything without any feelings. So he was a man always put a gun under his pillow. If there was anyone getting close to him, his muscle would be take actions much quicker than his mind to fix the risk up.

Heroine: Sabrina Scott

She took the destiny like Cinderella’s, but she was not as weak and obedient as the girl stayed in the fair tale. Sabrina’s life was nothing about warmth, happiness and fair tale. She was raised by a greedy and partial couple. She always felt puzzled that why her step-parents hated her so much when she was abused. She had no idea until college, and she didn’t have to puzzle at all since sophomore. Her life wasbroken by an incrimination made up by her step-parents. At that time, her sister Selene killed a man who tried to touch her. Selene would be put in jail for this. Of course their parents never wanted Selene to go through this, so they framed Sabrina and insulted she was the murderer. Hopefully, Sabrina was kept in prison for at least ten years! She had no helpers and no power to protect herself. Life in jail changed her a lot. She started to awake and dropped off the hope from the Lynns. She never had any family, but she met a kind stranger and mentor in the prison. This old lady made her feel the sunlight again. Even more, the lady helped her go out of prison several year earlier and gave her a shiny way leading to a wealthy life. Sabrina accepted the givings out of the feeling of reward, because she had nothing to give back as an ex-prisoner. The only thing she could do was fulfilling her mentor. However, all of her behaviors of returning favor was seen as a scam in Sebastian’s eyes. He doubted Sabrina’s intention because he didn’t believe the kindness from strangers. There was no romantic atmosphere but blood and scam between them at the first meet.

Main Plot of Punished by His Love

Sabrina and Sebastian met in a dark and rainy night. At that time, she was still in jail and Sebastian didn’t take the ownership of the Ford family. He was deadly injured and hided in a secret house. They two had a link at the night but had no idea about each other. The meeting was a trade. Sabrina was forced to be a scapegoat to accompany a secret injured man stayed in the edge of death, which resulted in her pregnancy. This movement didn’t improve her situation but gave her a powerful employee. Sebastian considered that she was the ultimate embodiment of evil as she was greed and deceitful. He made a contract with Sabrina and asked her to look after his ill mother. Sabrina took the deal willingly and tried all her efforts to win Sebastian’s heart but failed. So she left in a heartbroken state. Her departure made Sebastian so furious that he searched through the ends of the world and managed to recapture her. The whole city knew that she would be shredded into a million pieces. When she was found again by him, Sabrina asked him in desperation, “I left our marriage with nothing, so why won’t you let me go?” In a domineering tone, Sebastian answered, “You’ve stolen my heart and given birth to my child, and you wish to escape from me?”

Final Thoughts about Punished by His Love

Main couple in Punished by His Love looks so different like other romance. Sebastian was a super billionaire owning almost the whole city. But he was unexpectedly mean with money, especially when Sabrina wanted to borrow just some bucks from him. Even worse, he always cut it down if Sabrina tried to bargain. This might weaken the charm of Sebastian, or might be not. Anyway, you will wait for a little longer to see the romance occurs between them.

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