[Book Review]Her Cold-Hearted Alpha — The Most Outstanding Male Lead in Romance

3 min readNov 23, 2022

Generally speaking, romance stories start at the female lead’s POV, because the target readers are female and it might be a little hard for them to imagine the life opposite their gender.

But Moonlight Muse made it with her marvellous book “Her Cold-Hearted Alpha”. It is hard evidence for her outstanding character setting and writing skills: if the male lead is not compelling enough, his author would usually delay his appearance in the story. And the rarest of all is that, as a female author, Moonlight Muse has no obstacles to stand in her male lead’s shoes and speak his voice out at his POV.

She must do a lot of things perfectly right. And in this essay, we will try to find out some of them.

“Her Cold-Hearted Alpha” Conceals His Fiery Heart

In the prologue, Moonlight Muse portrayed her male lead Alejandro as a brutal boy who is helpless with his uncontrollable power. He experiences a situation where any creature would feel horrible: he kills his father.

As the Oedipus complex and “Hamlet” have both enlightened us, when a young man kills his own creator, it means a lot. One of the meanings is that he needs to release his vulnerability.

So Alejandro’s killing seems like a cold-hearted action, but behind that, the heart is vulnerable, and to protect its master, it explodes with a tremendous amount of energy as fiery as a fire.

And such a hot temperature is also extended to his relationship with his future Luna Kiara — as every romance expert can predict, this is the most exciting part in this story.

“Her Cold-Hearted Alpha” Distinguishes Himself from Her Perfect Sex Partner

It is so interesting to see a female lead in a romance story not giving her virginity to the male lead, but to a guy always accompanying her. You can tell that the guy must be a good one from this setting of Moonlight Muse.

And even if this guy is nearly perfect to Kiara, he is still no match for Alejandro. The reason is not that the latter is Alpha King with the highest status and greatest power, but he can make Kiara feel different from any other guys.

You can say that they have a natural mate bond to support this feeling. But the key is, as in Moonlight Muse’s character setting, Kiara and Alejandro are both not the kind who will obey fate. Otherwise Alejandro won’t kill his father, and Kiara don’t have to give up her perfect sex partner, right?

So this is the most intriguing thing in a romance story: the readers want to see how the male lead and female lead resist the lure of each other but always fail; they will surrender to the attraction of love at last.

Moonlight Muse just made a great match in the two characters’ settings. If you want to learn the writing skills which she is using, New Reading Writers Academy may give you some advice. Please pay attention to our web novel writing course if you are interested!

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