[Book Review] “Caged Between The Beta & Alpha” — A Love Triangle Across Class Distinction

3 min readDec 28, 2022

Love triangle is one of the most classic patterns in the genre of romance. This is a fatal choice dilemma, forcing everyone in the relationship to face himself/herself honestly, otherwise he/she will pay the price of losing true love for making a wrong choice.

One of our top best-selling authors Moonlight Muse didn’t miss this perfect drama theme. Her “Caged Between The Beta & Alpha” tells a story from the female lead’s point of view to show the whole process of making such a love choice.

“Caged Between The Beta & Alpha”, But Not Caged by The Class Distinction

As all werewolf readers know, there is a strict hierarchy in the werewolf world: Alpha is the only king, and Beta is his second in command. So in werewolf romance, a male lead is always an Alpha. But in this book, the female lead, she-wolf Raven’s options include a Beta.

This is interesting, for only those authors who are confident enough dare to set a seemingly unmatchable role against the male lead in a love triangle.

And in this book, Moonlight Muse truly portrayed a Beta NOT inferior in any respect than the Alpha. It is not only because this character has his own colors, but also because Raven’s feelings and emotions towards him makes him special.

When you read this story, you just forget about their identities or classes; the only focus is your pity: what a hard choice she has to make between these top guys?!

Yeah, nothing more amazing than this: Moonlight Muse went beyond the limits of a genre’s world setting, and purely wrote out a romantic relationship itself.

Love Triangle Creates Pace Balance For The Female Lead Is “Caged Between The Beta & Alpha”

The second advantage of this book is its pace. If a romance author wants to present the intense within the fight and struggle in a love triangle, he/she must learn to control the story pace. Like, when the first male lead should show up? When the second male lead intersects with him? And when to tell the readers about the female lead’s feelings?

It is already not easy to clearly write about a one-to-one relationship, but Moonlight Muse is good enough to handle better. Each character’s part in this novel has been accurately distributed, creating a smooth reading experience for most readers, which reveals the author’s excellent outlining and revising techniques.

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Book link: https://www.goodnovel.com/book_info/31000242907/Werewolf/Caged-Between-The-Beta-Alpha

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