An Exclusive List of Writing Contests in 2022 | Cash Prizes and Promotions!

2 min readNov 29, 2022

If you are looking for some interesting writing competitions to join, we are here to bring you useful information about some exciting contests with cash prizes!

Whether you’re a freelance writer or a professional author, you’ll find here are sure to make your writing juices flow!

Let’s begin our list of the writing contests in 2022!

  1. Unexpected Marriage and Unexpected Love Writing Contest


Prizes: Total $23,200

Have you ever dreamed about a lovely match and a perfect marriage?
But the truth is that not all dreams can come true.
In this marriage, you are restricted by a ring at first, but trapped by love in the end.
Come and join the contest to show us how you will arrange their marriage and love.

2. The Card Of Fate Werewolf Writing Contest


Prizes: Total $52,000

What if the love story happens between two equally strong and bulky Alpha males
with someone still hidden in the closet?
How will a dangerous Alpha disguised as a mafia boss in the human world
accept an innocent human girl to enter his life?
Will the cheerleader accept her arrogant but charming mate and takes him to the prom?

Use your imagination and show us the infinite possibility
and excellency of werewolf stories, and win thousands of dollars!




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